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Joshua's Helping Hands Baskets

Joshua's has partnered with over 8 community agencies to provide emergency food and toiletries assistance to Casper residents. These services are referral only and are available 24/7.

Mother and Newborn
Women's Hygiene and Infant Formula

When we have them, Joshua's is happy to provide woman's care products , as well as infant formula.

We are always accepting donations of these essential items for women and parents.

Diapers and Adult Sanitary Items

Joshua's understands that diapers, no matter if they're for adults or children, can be rather expensive. That is why we try to keep multiple sizes of adult, infant, and toddler diapers  in store to help out those who can't afford these vital items.

Drinking Milk
Milk for Minors

This program ensures that all minors have access to fresh milk and the nutrients that are essential to healthy growth. As long as we have milk available, you can be assured that you and your kids will have some to take home!

Boy Eating Breakfast
Summer Breakfast Baskets

From the last day of school to the last day of summer, Joshua's offers all clients with children under 18 a weeks worth of breakfast items every time they come to the storehouse.

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