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Hello, I'm Stephanie Miller

-Board President-

About me:

"My name is Stephanie Miller, currently I am a full-time student in the BSW program at the University of Wyoming. I will be graduating in May of 2022. I am planning to pursue my MSW and go back to work in corrections. I am also a full-time mom and wife."

How long have you been a part of Joshua's?

"I first started volunteering at Joshua’s about 7 years ago. I became a board member about 3 years ago and then became board president in December of 2020."

Why did you get involved with Joshua's?

"I was in a program what wanted us to give back to the community. This experience gave me a better look at the
needs of our community. There are families that rely on the food that comes from Joshua’s. Once I volunteered there, I introduced my mother-in- law to Joshua’s, and she has now been at Joshua’s daily for 7 years. I also started my kids volunteering at Joshua’s because I want them to understand what it means to give back to the
community you live in."

What do you see for Joshua's in the future?

"In the future I would like Joshua's presence to be known in the community for all the difference we can make in people's lives. I would like us to expand community resources, offering new programs that help make a difference."


I'm always looking for new and exciting ideas!

Let's connect.


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