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Hello, I'm Chase Cooper

-Member at Large-

About me:

I’m a Casper native born and raised. I have followed a variety of career paths and am currently a youth worker. I care deeply about the Casper community and doing what I can to help.

How long have you been a part of Joshua's?

I started volunteering at fundraisers for Joshua’s in 2021 right after Kody became the new director. I have always liked volunteering and helping out where I can, and thought it was a great opportunity to help those in need.

Why did you get involved with Joshua's?

Back during 2020 there were a few hard months where we struggled. Joshua’s really helped us and I wanted to help give others the same opportunities.

What do you see for Joshua's in the future?

I hope to see continued growth in community support and outreach. I love the birthday baskets and everything Joshua’s has been doing to better support families.


I'm always looking for new and exciting ideas!

Let's connect.