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Hello, I'm Skylar Cooper

-Member at Large-

About me:

“Hello! My name is Skylar (they/them) and I’m a  Casper College Alumni and University of Wyoming attendee. I have Associate’s Degrees in English and Human Communication. I’m extremely passionate about writing, publication, publicity, and civil rights. In addition to working in the Casper College Writing Center as an English tutor, I also work as the Editor-in-Chief for Casper College’s Expression Literary and Arts Magazine. With an eye for detail and a love for what I do, I assist with Joshua’s social media outreach and branding in addition to my other board member duties.”

How long have you been a part of Joshua's?

“I’ve been attending Joshua’s functions for a while now, and just recently became a board member in 2021.”

Why did you get involved with Joshua's?

“My passion for civil rights and community outreach inspired me to attend and volunteer at various Joshua’s events. I began with creating presentations for Joshua’s and assisted with fundraising events. This inspired me to get more involved with Joshua’s mission to support the Casper Community.”

What do you see for Joshua's in the future?

“The past several years have been trying for everybody. Communities across the world are struggling more than they ever have with poverty, food insecurity, and homelessness. I hope to help us strive for a future where our services aren’t as needed as they are now. Until then, my goal for Joshua’s is to reach out to and support as many families and individuals within the greater Casper area as we can. I believe we can achieve this and more by continuing to come up with new and innovative ways to help our community through events such as our birthday boxes, Thanksgiving/Christmas drives, and summer youth breakfast programs.”


I'm always looking for new and exciting ideas!

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